How to organize the best gender reveal party in Kenya

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In the recent past gender reveals parties have been gaining popularity with more and more Kenyans embracing this age-old tradition.

While some couples like to keep things low-key and wait for the big reveal on D-day others prefer knowing the sex early on, organising gender reveal parties and shopping in advance.

If you fall in the latter category, here is how to organise the perfect gender reveal party:

Plan for an obstetric ultrasound

First things first, don’t forget to go for your sonogram between 19 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. Doctors recommend this period for you to get the correct reading and gender.

Additionally, it will make the whole planning process more fun and smooth if you are sure of the gender. In case you want a surprise, ensure you bring the party planner with you to the scheduled sonogram.

Set a date

How far along would you like the party? A month to your D-day? Weeks? Hours? When it comes to organising a party you need to work with a deadline.

Securing a date in advance will also help you send the invitations early enough to give your friends and family humble time to plan for and attend your party.

Have a theme

This is where the fun part begins, the theme. Most people like to keep it simple with the usual pink for girls and blue for boys but if it’s a surprise then the invited guests and theme colour should be completely different to throw everyone away from the scent.

Other than colour also focus on the type of party you want. Are you a cocktail type of girl or a simple tea party would do?

Decide on a venue

The perfect venue is everything because this will also determine how much you will need for the drinks and food.

Not unless the mother-to-be is on bed rest, an outdoor event would be more fun and memorable for you and your guests.

Pick activities and how you plan to reveal

You will also need to provide entertainment for your guests since it is an event. Games will be useful to keep your visitors entertained while they wait for the big reveal in addition to meals.

Also, it is important to choose how you plan to do the big reveal. The bigger the reveal the more successful your party is likely to be.

Hire a team to cover the event

Last but not least, any successful event must have documentation. We are talking about a master of ceremony to give the event a proper direction, a photographer, a videographer and a deejay to keep the music up.

If you don’t have a record of the event, how will people know it happened?