We love covering events, church services and weddings

Independent Agency

No fixed packages: we offer tailormade productions and go to extra lengths to get the most out of live video for you: mixing and matching the right people with the best equipment.

Creative Content

We think along from the start to leverage as much content as possible to reach your objectives. Next to that, we advise in optimizing the setting, script and interactions to keep viewers engaged.

Livestream with Youtube, Facebook or Instagram

There are many platforms for distributing live video. Using the right platform is essential for reaching your targets, we make sure we are up-to-speed with the pros and cons of each platform.


Event Livestream

Reach people all over the world with your event or conference. Boost your ROI and brand awareness by streaming your event. Our experience and close cooperation leads to the best result possible.

Live formats

The sky is the limit! Interactive talkshows, breaking a world record or Q&A’s with celebrities. Our focus on innovation means we’re always a step ahead in developing new and exciting live formats for social media.

Brand activation

Brand activation is all about the interaction between brand and consumer. The one thing people tend to forget in their mediamix is live video – and that’s exactly where the most opportunities are to make the difference.


Broadcasting annual figures, public announcements or a monthly update around the world – we advise about the technical set-up, host and content for an optimal impact.


We generate maximum impact of your content through live webinars. We advise about content and presentation, and we unburden you completely – both content-wise and with all technical needs.

Life after Live

When a stream has concluded, viewers don’t want to seek through the whole stream to find the content they need – they expect it to be delivered. We generate this content as fast as possible!

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